List of Live Streaming during COVID-19

Turning to technology has become the most popular way to kill time during self isolation. With this, musicians are finding ways to share the light and still be able to play for an audience by going live on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and even YouTube to play some tunes and connect with fans. Here is a list of a few favourites and some fun upcoming live streams to book in over time. Grab your phone, turn your notifications on, and get ready to be able to connect with your favourite Australian artists live from your living room.

Didirri (@didirri_)

Melbourne sweetheart Didirri has been taking to Instagram live to share some sweet sounds with his fans. Releasing his latest single Don’t Fight What You’re Fighting For, he has taken every chance he can to live stream and play piano, connect with fans and wish everyone well. Participating also in Isol-Aid Didirri has become just as raw and open through live streams as he is in his music.

Good for: Anxiety relief and de-stressing.

Laura Marling (@lauramarling)

Singer-songwriter Laura Marling has taken a slightly different approach and has started live streaming guitar lessons online, walking through tuning and how to play requested songs. She is on Instagram Live every Thursday and Sunday at 7pm GMT, 3pm EST.

Donny Benet (@donnybenet)

Sydney’s Donny Benet has gone rogue and started his own series on Instagram Live called “The D-Zone”. On every Saturday morning (10am EST). All there is to say is that the “show” includes a mixture of entertainment, including recipe reviews and Q&A’s. Who could ask for a better Saturday morning wake up.

The Chats (@thechatslovebeer)

Lead Singer of The Chats, Eamon, also has jumped on board, live streaming and chatting to fans while playing some tunes. Taking “guests” on his live to share some screen time with fans, it made for some hilariously interesting chat. We hope to see more of this, as so far, the Sunshine Coast band is the only band (that we have seen) sharing their stream time with fans to have a chat and take some questions.

STILL HERE (@still._here_)

Still Here, a First Nations owned and operated instagram page, has become the epicentre of a one-stop page that promotes live streams of First Nations musicians around the country. Providing lists of names, instagram handles and times that the artists are on, this page is a great source to find plenty of new artists in one spot.

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