Muso Podcast: S01E02 – Lauren Mikkor, Post-Modern Collective Management

Chaos Management – Artist Management 101

For episode 2 of the Muso Podcast series we were keen to welcome Lauren Mikkor, the founder of Post-Modern Collective Mgmt to chat about her whirlwind journey through the industry, and get her tips on artist management.

From the cheeky 15 year old who snuck into Creamfields festival to becoming the boss woman behind the scenes. Lauren knew she was onto a good thing when Running Touch walked into Lucky Ent. with his demo, and she knew she had to make a name for him. The day they received an email to be featured on Triple J’s ‘Unearthed,’ she had a vision for the future, from then as two 19 year old kids figuring it out, till arenas. They’ve been together ever since.

She’s a true story of running towards what you love, and grabbing every opportunity along the way. Sending out 100 resumes via linkedin till she landed her first gig joyfully counting posters for Stereosonic, then fulfilling her dream of living in Ibiza while working with NERVO, jumping from Lucky Ent. to starting her own artist management project, and pinch yourself moments, like sold out headline tours, ULTRA and Tomorrowland festivals, gold records, and millions of streams. She’s gone in with no rulebook, no 12 steps, and thought: yes – this is addictive, this is chaos, let’s see what happens!

Summary of episode

In the fast paced music world, that seems to make complete sense to Lauren, we experience her ability to thrive and hit the ground running, while figuring it out along the way. From being burnt out by trying to juggle artists in two time zones, to learning about 5am ‘me time’ because of a pandemic, she’s candid about being a work in progress, amidst her success.

Lauren, tells us about how her worldview continued to expand, like figuring out that there’s more to life than selling out Melbourne shows, and encouraging listeners to dream big and do exciting things.

She shares what it means as a manager to be your artist’s number one fan, the ground level skills that artists need to self manage, plus knowing yourself as a musician and investing time in your craft, and letting the right people find you.

Most importantly, Lauren opens up about her hopes for the systematic change in the work culture of the industry, to have more emphasis on being sustainably healthy, and not the constant hustle and grind culture that takes such a toll on mental health.

She predicts that Australia will replace America as one of the major music hubs, giving Australian artists the opportunity to burst into the bubble over here.

Key takeaways

The importance of networking and how it will make your career, focusing on your artist vision before you jump to bringing in a manager, important artist traits and self-management skills, including broadening your perspective to creating your own opportunities, other than just gigs.

Don’t be afraid to go and get what you want, including sliding into someone’s DMs, if you want to get intouch, follow all means necessary, even their parents. (True Lauren Mikkor, ‘go and get it’ story.)

Listen to the full episode here.

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