Social Media: Why you need to use a content strategy

For an independent artist, implementing a content strategy may be the difference between content sharing feeling like work and making content sharing work for you. (See what I did there)

By approaching content marketing with some good intentions and backing it with some lowkey mad directional skills, you can rest easy knowing that while you work on the tunes, your content strategy is hustling the socials to gain you an internet presence, landing you a global fanbase and growing music streams like a little boss.

Some legwork makes the content-strategy work. Here’s how.

If you set priorities, you reach goals

What are the longterm and shortterm motivations behind sharing your music? If you want to be a sound engineer for video games, your content goals will be different than those of a touring performer. By knowing where you want to go, you can figure out the best kind of content to showcase your journey. At the end of the day, you are here to promote your music in the hopes of making a living from it. Unless you don’t, then that’s fine too.

You get out what you’re putting out

You can share 100 posts, but you’re only one good TikTok video away from going viral. That is some inspirational millennial wisdom right there. Consider what your audience really wants, and drop some seriously potent content on them. Your insta worth is measured by your ability to inspire, humour, inform, or make straight up jealous. Use this hard truth to your advantage.

Showcase your work in its best spotlight a.k.a medium

Use all of the mediums at your disposal to take your fans on a journey down the content rabbit hole. You could start with Twitch for a live DJ set, upload that set to your Youtube channel, promote it on your Instagram stories, edit a hilarious TikTok, and linkdrop your original music all over the place.

All eyes on you…’re content

Above all, your brand image will be cemented in the way you choose to visually portray your music story, the same way music becomes a major part of our self image. An online audience interacts with your social media in order to feel an intimate connection with the music they love, so it’s imperative that the picture matches the product. Be the face behind the tunes but if we love your soft crooning ballards and synth pop, then ranting on your socials kind of starts to subconsciously haunt our listening experience.

Grow your audience by observing it

Those schooling years came in handy for all the social media analytics you’ve been studying profusely. Besides being a handy little tool to see who’s been checking you out and which selfies got the most double-taps, these nifty graphs give you the opportunity to see where your content style could improve and adapt to inspire engagement from an uncharted fan base.

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