Things to do when you are stuck at home

We understand that after two days of quarantine, you have kind of done all of the things that you needed to do. Well almost everything except your piling dirty laundry and dishes in the kitchen sink (they can wait). So have a list of fun things to do while inside.

Create a TikTok

So the craze of TikTok has blown massively, but they may be running out of music to do their dances to. So, if you want a quick way to fame and get some new followers on the way, upload some of your tunes to TikTok, hire some of your friends to do dances to them and next thing you know, you will be viral.

Make A Show

Whether you live stream it or just fake it till you make it while talking to yourself, create a home cooking show. Chuck on an apron (if you have one) and talk through the recipe step by step, like Allday style with his home cooking shows of vegan foods. Even better if you’re self isolating with others in your household and you’re able to get them to judge your cooking, or compete with you in the kitchen. Bonus points if you try to recreate a food from something out of a movie or television show.

Bucketlist Movies

Make a bucket list of films of your favourite artists or revolving around music to spark inspiration for yourself and get your gig fix. Create a little blanket fort and watch a film a day with no phone distractions! It can be super immersive and take you into a little world of your own for a little while without intaking news of the current affairs of the world. If you want to watch with a friend, Skype or FaceTime them and start the movie at the same time. That way you’re still getting your social fix. Some suggestions of some great music films are: Almost Famous, High Fidelity, Bohemian Rhapsody and The Doors!


Hear us out. Jazzercise. It’s important to still stay physical and get some Vitamin D, so since the colder mornings and evenings are starting to roll in, take time outside and get in some 1980’s jazzercise in. We can also suggest normal workout routines, but Jazzercise is funny to watch, funny to try and will leave you out of breath, either from the strenuous workout, or having a laugh at the instructor and their helpers. Find your neon lycra, sweat bands and knee high socks because it’s time to get physical.

Learn a Language

With Duolingo, it makes learning a language really easy if you’re willing to keep at it. You could be speaking Spanish in no time. The little green owl can also be very persuasive (and a bit demanding) to get you to keep at it.

Play Sims

When in doubt, play Sims. There are so many different challenges to do that you can find on the internet. But my personal favourite is to spend 4-6 hours building a house, creating Sims characters and then not touching the game for another 8 months.

All we ask that you do not do, is please do not get bored and cut your hair at home. We don’t want a quarantine-cut, who knows how long it may be before you can get it fixed if it goes bad. This goes for home hair dye jobs too.

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