Live Music Innovation: How To Get Creative With Your Venue Offering

Gabby Zgrajewski
Gabby Zgrajewski

When marketing your venue to appeal to a larger audience than your usual clientele, there is a need to become creative and innovative. Within the new space of having to accommodate for the current social climate of social distancing, innovating your venue is key in order to bring patrons in. 

Evolving to the customer’s needs, many people have become more recluse in their social activities and may tend to lean towards a night in. In order to overcome the drop in customers that may be present in your business, look at how you can also attract those that are homebodies and looking for co-working spaces due to new work-from-home models. 

Due to an ever-changing demographic, you can continue to adhere to your normal audience while opening the doorway for new faces to grace your venue with the innovative and collaborative thinking of the local professionals around you. This can create new experiences, challenges and excitement for a venue to explore avenues that may not have been possible prior. 

Take-Home Meal Deals

Optimising the use of the venue’s social platforms and marketing drink and meal deals to take home can be beneficial. Whether it’s a meal deal or being able to purchase specific brands of bottled beverages exclusive to your venue, can allow that income to continue while appealing to a wider audience. Similar to the rise of take-out delivery apps, a pickup option to collect meals and drinks allows the customer to still enjoy their evening experience at home with a touch of your venue. 

Meal deals can also be worked into the new work-from-home system that is becoming prevalent within the modern corporate and small business model. As people are now looking for spaces that can accommodate meetings and after-work entertainment. Providing a space in the early afternoon where business meetings can be held that can break up the workday and knock off drinks by promoting booked meal packages for large groups. This blueprint can work in a sense of 3pm-5pm is a quiet space for meetings to be held with entertainment starting at 6pm allowing time for people to finish business for the day, have a meal, and then lead into the night. 

Work-Life Balance

In conjunction with meal deals within a co-working environment, marketing your venue as a diverse and malleable space for musicians to play can allow for different genres to be hosted. Networking with local musicians in the area and gaining scope of what your surrounding scene has to offer provides great groundwork in order to curate the best gigs possible for your audience. 

A Week of Lineups

Creating a pattern of live music trends for your venue can innovate customer attendance in order to reach that larger audience. Providing different genres of music for different nights of the week can allow your venue to become a one-stop night out for a wide range of patrons while becoming a prime opportunity and location for local artists to perform and network. Promoting this on social media platforms can also create that social reach to maximise your events. 

Depending on your venue you may be able to get away with vastly different genres from punk to rock and pop, although if your venue subscribes to a particular style or aesthetic, different sub-genres may be more suitable. Acoustic sets are more suitable starting the week and go best with dinner and a drink, while Thursday through to Sunday can be more fun to celebrate the weekend. Whether you hire a cover band for pub classics or a fresh four-piece that has the hearts of local music punters use your gigs to create a work up into the weekend. 

Gig Guide Marketing

To share what is going on for the week or month, give a gig guide a go and promote this on your social media to announce new gigs, meals and drinks. This allows the public to have an understanding of what is going on in your venue for that period of time and can book events they are interested in. 

Pair the gig guide with certain boutique brewery beers that you may have coming to your beer taps or a special on a particular meal and you have your marketing prepared for the next month. 

As you notify people who will be playing and what will be available for food, be innovative with your social media marketing by sharing this information to engage online with your audience. Whether you make use of Facebook Business Suite or Instagram Reels, use your social media to show off the innovative hospitality your venue has to offer. 

Working with the Locals

When promoting your live music venue, the best promotion is the promotion that is for the locals by the locals. If you can market an authentic experience through the atmosphere and musicians, other aspects fall into place. Local gig photographers and videographers can perfectly capture the energy and presence of participating customers to sell what your live music venue has to offer. 

As videos are more likely to receive more views than photographs online, short-form videos are growing more popular with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels. Collaborating with locals, you can find loyal freelancers to work with to provide content for your venue. This can be the framework for the aesthetic of your venue, how you wish the public to perceive the ambiance of the venue, and can be a selling point to musicians as to offer potential gig photography in a package, becoming a  more attractive venue to play at. 

Why optimise the innovation of your venue?

Combining these different methods to optimise and innovate your venue for the next chapter of operation for a live music venue will help cultivate a path of successful business. As the climate is constantly changing, business owners, bookers and staff have to learn to be versatile in order to bring in customers to stay open. 

Making use of the resources the venue already has provides a great opportunity in avoiding external major costs, while supporting locals that support the venue. Accommodated solely by social media, sourcing local music industry creatives, promotion and providing online menus are great ways to amp up your business and provide to the needs of your community. 

Once the reasons why punters come to your live music venue become clear, capitalise on that and use the above tips as to how to market the business while still adhering to the changing trends within the live music scene of your area. 


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