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Top 10 Cover Songs That Will Rock Your Venue

Gabby Zgrajewski
Gabby Zgrajewski

Imagine, it is a Friday afternoon and there is a buzz on the street. Your staff are sitting at your venue waiting for a busy night full of business people looking to wind down and young’uns partying it up. You do not want to miss a chance to have a full bar, a successful night, and some fun for your Friday, so you book your trusty cover band to ensure that all the classics are covered for an inclusive night of singalongs bursting with Aussie culture. 

Below are the top 10 must-have cover songs to get the crowd singing at your venue! Whether it is a request or on the setlist of your booked band already, they are sure to get the dancing going, the drinks flowing and the voices hitting the high notes (hopefully). 

1. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? – The Angels

Starting true with an Australian classic, it is time to pass on the culture of the callback to Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? by The Angels. It is always a laugh and a right of passage at a pub. 

2. Mr Brightside – The Killers

It is overplayed, yet somehow Mr Brightside by The Killers still has people singing at the top of their lungs. This track really isn’t a guilty pleasure if everyone is singing along.*

3. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

*Please see point 3

4. Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Going into the cooler weather, let Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams warm the venue. With its charm of nostalgia, everyone knows this track. Since the resurgence of Fleetwood Mac and other rock classics, Summer of 69 should be amongst them. If not, now is the time to educate the youth that walks through your doors!

5. You’re The Voice – John Farnham

It might be ambitious, but if you can find a cover band to do You’re The Voice by John Farnham, never let them go. A legendary track from an Australian legend (we know he was born in the UK), there is nothing like hearing a chorus of people trying to hit the high notes. Pub choir anyone? 

6. Cheap Wine – Cold Chisel 

A pub rock classic, Cheap Wine by Cold Chisel is another sing-along that needs to find its resurgence. Educate our youths. 

7. Song 2 – Blur 

Song 2 by Blur makes everyone say “WOO-HOO”, quite literally. Covered by artists like Imagine Dragons and My Chemical Romance, it is probably one of the first tracks that your cover bands had learnt when jamming! Commonly known by musicians, it’s one for the books, even if your customers don’t know the words, they know (some of) the chorus. 

8. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac has to be on the record with Dreams. Hitting the ARIA Charts at #14 in 2020 Dreams is back in more demand than it was during its release. Thanks to TikTok, everyone can live their Stevie Nicks fantasy once more, live in your venue. 

9. Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet

All anyone needs to hear is “1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me” and it’s on.  

10. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

It is a classic. According to the University of London, the hit from Nirvana is the most popular song in music. We aren’t saying that to be the most popular venue in Australia, to have your cover band play Smells Like Teen Spirit on repeat. Although, if it really is the most popular song in music, maybe it is worth making a special request. 

If you’re covered with the cover songs and want to take your music offering to new heights then check out our article on the multiverse of music personas that would suit your venue. 

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