winter meals and music

Winter Meals and Music

Gabby Zgrajewski
Gabby Zgrajewski

With the cold season rolling in it’s time to get your venue menu up to speed with some classic winter warmers.

We have put together a list of pub meal classics with some fresh local music that would pair best to beat the winter blues. 

1. Bangers and Mash

Can’t go wrong with an absolute classic, some veggies, mashed potato, and sausages are a lifesaver to warm the bellies of your patrons as they walk through the door. Throwing back to a childhood staple meal, this can be chopped and changed to suit dietary requirements and can be as simple or as elegant as you wish!

To go with this, Didirri’s latest 3 track EP ‘You Know What’s Good For You’ has an Australian Country twang mixed with Folk lyricism. Driving the tracks with winding guitars, it is reminiscent of warmer days. 

2. Apple and Walnut Salad

A bit of a different one, it is refreshing but celebrates winter with apples being in season. Crisp and can be a meal or as a side, an apple and walnut salad is classy but has texture. Elevating a normal leafy salad to something with a bit more interest, this can be a menu item that adds that bit of flare. 

To pair, give Angus Kaftan a listen. A coastal artist, the tunes are great for the lunch rush with gentle tunes. Releasing his EP in 2022, his newest track ‘Rent Free’ puts a perk in your step. It is reviving just like the apple and walnut salad. 

3. Mulled Wine

Not a meal, but mulled wine welcomes the weather. Spiced and the perfect beverage to have with a meal or with friends, mulled wine can be shaken and stirred to suit your venue. It is a good incentive to add something new to the menu and can spice up any occasion. 

Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist FELIVAND is silky smooth with her woozy bedroom pop. Perfect for the hole-in-the-wall cocktail venue or tapas restaurant, there is a certain ambiance that FELIVAND brings through her music that brings cosy vibes. 

4. Steak Sandwich 

A staple in most venues, a steak sandwich is easy to change up to suit your venue. Get creative with this staple to make it your popular food menu item. Served with a side of chips, apple, and walnut salad, this hearty meal is a go-to. 

For a jam-packed throwback for a classic meal, pair it with Naarm/Melbourne trio Anam Stone Jet. Packed with psych rock reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, their sound had heavy bass lines, crashing drums, and vocals that fill even the largest of rock venues. 

5. Mushroom and Halloumi Burger 

It may seem like the only choice for people with dietary requirements aside from hot chips, but make it the best obvious choice your customer has ever had. Herbed aioli, beetroot hummus, charred pineapple. Swap out iceberg lettuce for spinach and add a pickle garnish. It’s the small things that go a long way and can take a standard burger to a gourmet-level meal. 

MOZË, a soul-funk singer-songwriter and producer melts just like the mushroom and halloumi burger. Releasing her latest track ‘Albert St’, her sparking, feel-good music will make even the hungriest of customers dance in their seats.  

If you’re in search for more classics to hit your patrons with, this list of pub singalong classics will be sure to warm hearts at your venue. 

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