Let’s make in person experiences better than online

Muso is a live entertainment start-up born in Melbourne and now operating in Australia and the United Kingdom.

We help venues create better live entertainment experiences and help entertainers find more gigs to create more revenue opportunities.

Make ‘live’ easier

We leverage technology to make things more efficient, fair and transparent to ultimately make live entertainment more accessible to more people. Eventually we hope that every venue will be a live entertainment venue but until then we’ll work on changing one at a time.

What gets us out of bed in the morning

Human interaction is so important and we believe live music and entertainment is the perfect facilitator of that. In a post-pandemic world, we see live entertainment as an avenue to get people out of their house and into the real world.

Enter Muso Product

That's why we created Muso - to create a world where live entertainment is so easy and rewarding, there’s no excuse not to host it. Creating more excuses to get out of the house, meet new people and create nights to remember.

Our Team

We're laser focused on making IRL entertainment better than digital entertainment. We've worked at amazing companies from Facebook to Etsy to Eventbrite, have managed venues, played in bands and attended way too many gigs. We've come together because we love this space and want to see it flourish.

The ones on the front cover


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder & COO


Co-Founder & Head of Product

The ones building the future of entertainment




Senior Product Analyst


Principal Front End Engineer


Senior Developer


Back End Developer

The ones making the platform make sense


Principal Product Designer


Senior Brand Designer

The ones assisting you on your live entertainment journey


Senior Customer Success Manager (AUS)


Senior Customer Success Manager (UK)


Entertainment Curation & Operations Manager

The ones you’ll hear from a lot


Growth Manager


Creative Director - MusoLabs


Blog & Content Executive

Livin’ it live

Livin’ it live

Livin’ it live

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