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Music Venues and Musicians: Advertising on TikTok

Gabby Zgrajewski
Gabby Zgrajewski

Social media giant TikTok continues to grow in popularity, and it’s becoming a great tool for online advertising. It can be the one-stop spot to launch popularity. 

The TikTok “For You” page leads users to a variety of videos, from launching artists like Peach PRC to foodie videos about the latest cafes. If you’ve found yourself in the TikTok rabbit hole (we have too), you have probably found your latest favourite track or said “I need to go there”.

TikTok Has Its Benefits

As the fifth most downloaded social media platform, TikTok reportedly has 1 Billion monthly users according to the Digital Report. Aside from the standard user, Artist & Repertoire (A&R) departments of music labels have taken to scout new talent on the app. 

Apart from the immediate and raw exposure that can come with being a TikTok user, the company has been acknowledged for their lower advertising rates compared to other commonly used apps. 

New York-based media agency VaynerMedia released data showing that the cost of advertising on TikTok was generously cheaper. Compared to Instagram’s Reel feature, advertising is almost half the price and one-third cheaper than Twitter. The app is also 62% cheaper than advertising on Snapchat. 

Advertising On TikTok

When paying for advertising on TikTok, it slots the paid ads in between user videos whilst they scroll. Based on the algorithm, TikTok feeds ads to users based on their interests. This is a great tool, paired with choosing your demographic which streamlines these ads to your target audience. 

Seemingly like a normal video, the app’s boosted ads work similarly to Instagram Stories. You can add links to streamline your website or whatever content you are promoting whether it is a new show or music. 

What types of ads are there?

TikTok is home to trends. Many songs have had their revival, artists have become popular and people are being put in the spotlight for having engaging content. 

There are few different ways to advertise on TikTok aside from paying for them if you don’t have the budget currently. We have compiled a few ways to promote your ventures and get that exposure. 

Challenges & Hashtags

Just like Instagram, the power of hashtags and challenges online can make you go viral and help get discovered. Challenges that can spark conversation with a matching hashtag can keep you on the “For You” page. 

Followers love to get on board as it is a way to connect with you and have the potential to get noticed by you, whilst sharing your content with a wider audience.

Using unique hashtags that are relevant to your content whether you are a live music venue or musician can get you noticed. 

Whether the hashtag has been trending and it’s something you can incorporate in your content or you have the followers to help it blow up, it can really drive your views. When marketing yourself online, it is great to have fun but remember it needs to have relevance to your content! That is what you are wanting to push forward to 


Jumping on a trend whether it’s dancing, lip-syncing, or new micro-trends like the “If you grew up listening to My Chemical Romance you might like us” videos can boost your exposure. The beauty of TikTok is the variety in communities, and live music is one of them. 

As audio is a main component of TikTok, viral sounds vary each day. Sharing a funny video related to your content using the sounds, or 

Show off your skills

Does a band member or staff member have a special skill? Playing the keyboard with only their feet or making the world’s fastest cocktail? The internet, especially TikTok, loves to see the weird and wacky side of people. 

If there is a special skill that makes people think “What is going on?”, share it! It will bring them to your page and start scrolling through your other content. 

Partner up!

Pairing up with influencers and micro-influencers can help gain exposure for your account. Known for their regular high-quality content, they are key people that can help boost your videos. 

In the age of influencers, they have become a great avenue for advertising. Although with their growth in popularity, their rates have also increased. If you have the budget for this type of advertising, partnering with an influencer can really help your social media presence. 

For a smaller budget, micro-influencers who have 1,000 – 100,000 can be a better route. Micro-influencers tend to have a smaller following although their interests are niche and their following is dedicated to those specific expertise. Working with micro-influencers within your niche works as a pipeline for your music to your future audience.

Whether it is reaching out to use your music, review the venue, or even an in-person collaboration, the audience they have can help you hit that viral status. 

Time to go viral

The success you have on TikTok comes down to hard work and luck. Sometimes the TikToks that go viral are the easiest videos that were filmed and uploaded without thought. Although, there are accounts that have worked continuously to put out content making steady growth on the platform. 

Being consistent in producing creative content is the best way to create your social presence on the app. Crossing over your social media platforms to get started, and using the tips we shared above can help you get that viral video and put you on the global internet map. 

Now that you’re up on the TikTok lingo, it might be time to refresh your social media strategy. Check out more tips on the Muso Blog, here.

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