So Now You’re On The Gig Guide: The Networking Guide

Gabby Zgrajewski
Gabby Zgrajewski

So, you saw our guide to get on the gig guide, and you’ve secured that show? First, welcome back. Secondly, it is time to start looking at how to get your gig and your music noticed. 

Networking plays a large part in growth within your music career. As the old saying goes, sometimes it is about who you know, not what you know and in reality it is a great truth. Aside from going out and making yourself known to the gig locals, there are a few other ways to network and get yourself noticed to open yourself to opportunities you may have never thought of.

With these few tips and tricks, you will be back into the swing of things in no time. 

Big things coming…

If you have a release coming up, start to tease it on social media and get the word out. Organise the artwork, press photos and write that press release. Creating the brand for your band is helpful when getting noticed and collecting the correct contacts will provide you with a wider audience engagement. 

Research local publications and radio stations that support local music to share your music. Once you have got a few publications and stations listed, send out your press release with links to your music, photos and an email addressed to the team you are writing to. Creating a personalised experience and network opens opportunities for more exposure when releasing other tracks. 

Streaming is your friend…

In the age of streaming services, aim to get your music on playlists. Pitch yourself to Spotify through Spotify for Artists if you have your music on that platform, or alternatively pitch to independent curators that have a following and curate their own playlists. This can link in with the publications you have been in touch with that create playlists of the music they’re loving right now. Feed two birds with one scone and get your track published and added to the playlist at the same time.

Time to win…

Host a giveaway if you have any merchandise laying around to promote your music. It can be as simple as getting people to follow your band account on Instagram, sharing on their story and commenting on the post to create community engagement. 

Teaming up with other local artists for a giveaway can also help. Whether it’s a merch bundle or tickets to a gig you are both playing at, the cross-marketing can create that further exposure and build great relationships for upcoming gigs. 

Battle it out… 

Keep an eye out for any local Battle of the Bands competitions. Typically, a big mixture of genres, Battle of The Bands competitions can lead to new exposure, and the prizes can be from residency slots at venues, to cash prizes and slots on bigger events. It is a great time to plug your social media and streaming accounts for punters to access your music after the show. 

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