How it works

Whether you are one independent venue with occasional entertainment or have venues globally with a large scale entertainment roster, Muso connects the pieces under one intuitive interface. See how it works here.

Sign Up & Onboard

Sign up to Muso with a one-month free trial. Invite your staff and start exploring!

Our sales team will contact you and walk you through the set-up process to make sure you’re getting the most out of the Muso platform.

Invite your entertainers

They’ll receive an email sign-up link to Muso.

Invited entertainers will be saved in your roster for later.

Create your events

Start populating your dashboard with upcoming events.

Create your gig widget

Never forget to promote an event again. Your gig widget will automatically reflect all event data from your dashboard on your website.

Pay entertainers

A General Manager told us “Invoices are a pain in the a**”.
Pay once and the Muso system will split payment out to all entertainers, whether that’s one or five hundred.

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